j e s s i c a  k a s s i n 


Meet Jessica Kassin, a Miami Beach based portrait and documentary photographer. Born and raised in Guatemala, Jessica is driven by the power of essence, the notion of capturing the most absolute truth that resides in  individuals and their stories through the lens of her camera.

Having studied art history and photography both in the United States and Italy, Jessica Kassin honed her artistic skills and gained a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of the creative world. However, it was through life experiences, extensive travels, and meaningful connections with people that she truly found her education. The nuances of her encounters — the moments between the moments — shaped her unique perspective and instilled in her a profound appreciation for and adoration of the human emotional landscapes. 

Photography serves as an instrument of connection — a means to bridge gaps, ignite conversations, and convey the untold narratives of those whom she photographs. She is particularly drawn to documentary and portrait photography, as they allow her to delve deeply and intimately into the depth of her subjects' lives and authentically capture their stories.

With a keen eye for detail and a genuine curiosity about the human experience, Jessica dedicates herself to creating visuals that are at once evocative and captivating, but also truly reflect the essence and intricacies of the people she encounters.

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